TENKA Council

General Council (GC)

The First General Council will be formed from the Ignite Tournaments founding team. Each year, the GC will initiate a global election for new members of the committee by either accepting or submitting proposals for candidates. Top upvoted proposals for candidates will be treated as nominations for new committee members. Timeline for upvoting candidates for new GC members is 30 days.

Technical Committee (TC)

The First Technical Committee will be appointed by the Ignite Tournaments founding team. New members of the TC will be re-appointed by the General Council each year, 7 days after the new GC is elected.

Voting Power

Committee votes are not subjected to any weighting. In other words, 1 GC or TC member has one vote. Community votes are subjected to weighting using a staking score and activity multipliers.
John has a voting power of 450, Alex - 1000 and Tony - 1000. John and Alex do not have any activity multipliers, but, Tony has unlocked the x1.525 activity multiplier. John and Alex voted on rejecting the submitted proposal, but Tony voted in favor. Proposal is being accepted as the final voting count is 1525 in favor (1000 x 1.525) versus 1450 not in favor (1450 x 1).
Please refer to the ‘loyalty & activity appreciation’ section of this document for more details.
Each proposal needs to indicate the amount of financial support required to execute the proposal. GC has prerogative to
  • Ask proposal submitter to provide missing cost estimate or justify it
  • Amend the cost estimate of proposal execution
  • Reject (veto) the decision due to missing details or irrational cost estimate


Decision type
Majority required
Required Quorum
Veto - General Council
More than 50%
Veto - Technical Committee
Submitting emergency proposals by General Council or Technical Committee
General Voting
Simple majority (more votes “Yes” than “No”)


Process stage
Deposit lockup period - accepted proposal
Vacatio legis + 14 days
Deposit lockup period - rejected proposal
Vacatio legis + 6 months
Shortlisting period
Last 14 days, start immediately after voting season announcement
Voting season
Last 7 days, starts 14 days after voting season announcement
Vacatio legis
7 days
Emergency proposal - moving to general voting
4 hours from proposal submission
General voting on emergency proposal
24 hours
Emergency proposal - vacatio legis
48 hours

Governance Process - Visual Summary