Supported Games

The Ignite Tournaments mobile application is a game-agnostic platform that supports any game that meets the following criteria:
  • Skill-based
  • Mobile-compatible
  • Non-pornographic
Skill-based games are games that require a player to use their physical or mental skill to achieve a specific game outcome. Skills may include: dexterity, hand-eye-coordination, speed of execution, tactical mastery, strategic know-how, etc.
Games of chance, which describe game results determined by either a.) a precise mathematical model; or b.) imprecise randomness are not be supported by the Ignite Tournaments platform, as such games would be considered as gambling games, and not esports.
Ignite Tournaments’ game library functions as a whitelist. It will be pre-populated with a list of approved non-integrated skill-based, mobile-compatible games. For games that are not listed in the library, users will be able to request a new game addition. After confirming that the game meets internal review by the Ignite Tournaments team the game will be added to the Ignite Tournaments game library.
The application does not require direct integration with games to work. However, a number of games will be directly integrated with Ignite Tournaments in the future.

Game Integration

Games that directly integrate with Ignite Tournaments will benefit from sharing game revenue streams from tournaments that are created on the platform associated with the game in question.
Shared game revenue streams with integrated game partners may include:
  • Entry fees
  • Sponsored prize pools
  • Sponsorship sales associated with the game
  • Ad revenue from video streams associated with the game