Dynamic and Fixed Pricing

Tournament Organizers will be able to set any prices or entry fees within the Ignite Tournaments Platform using dynamic or fixed pricing.
Dynamic pricing means that entry-ticket fees or marketplace prices will be set in USD and expressed in TENKA. The USD value of the price will remain the same, but the exact TENKA amount to be paid will vary depending on the current TENKA/USD exchange rate.
Fixed pricing means that price is expressed in constant TENKA amounts, which means that the overall USD value of the price would fluctuate.
Regardless of the selected option, prices and transaction fees are always covered in TENKA tokens, so it means that users wishing to interact with the Ignite platform will need to buy an appropriate amount of TENKA tokens first.
Alternatively, users can choose to settle the price with any of the supported tokens or stablecoins (e.g. USDC). Pricing smart contracts will convert the USDC amount to TENKA first, and then will settle the price and related transaction costs.