Gamer Tokens

Apart from TENKA being used as an ecosystem currency, Ignite Tournaments will also implement non-fungible tokens known as “Gamer Tokens,” as the “Digital ID” or “Account” of every platform user. Gamer Tokens could be understood as each user’s 'character’ that can be developed by scaling its level and improving equipment.
It will allow users to:
  • Keep a record of their current staking and activity scores (please refer to the loyalty appreciation model section for more details)
  • Increase account level and hence increase amount of rewards received
  • Buy or win NFT items (so called “wearables”) that can be equipped in the user profile to provide bonuses (e.g. farming speed bonus, fees reduction, etc.)
  • Aggregate Gamer points (Ignite internal tokens used for players ranking)
  • Mint Gamer personal tokens (please refer to the “Gamer Tokens” section for more details)

Wearables (NFT)

Another type of tokens used in Ignite Tournaments ecosystem are “Wearables,” which are NFT assets that can be bought and sold on the internal marketplace or rewarded via tournaments. Each wearable will provide a unique bonus to the GAMER account, for example:
  • Ignite Jacket: +0.5% to reward farming power
  • Ignite Trousers: -1% on all ecosystem fees
  • Ignite Potion: 1 free access to any Ignite Tournaments event

Gamer Points

Activity and achievements of each Ignite member will be measured via Gamer Points, visible on each Gamer digital ID (account). Gamer Points have 2 purposes:
  • Seasonable leaderboard ranking - from season to season Ignite members will be invited to participate in global competitions in which those with the highest aggregated amount of Gaming Points will win additional rewards in TENKA tokens and/or in-platform NFT wearables.
  • Activity score - average amount of Gaming Points accrued in last [n]-number of months will be used as an additional activity score measurement used to upgrade user Gamer ID level and subsequently increase received rewards and bonuses.